Drupal 6 and Flowplayer script Modification

This was a project to generate config javascript files for the flowplayer video nodes.

Static to Drupal site conversion

This was a static site which needed to be converted to Drupal 7.

Drupal 6 theme from AI file

Custom responsive mobile first theme for a Drupal 6 site

Fix issues with Admin menu and footer on TFG site

Some bug fixing in an existing Drupal 6 site

Business Monitor Drupal site - implementation of design

This was continuation of development to an existing site done by me

Business Monitor Drupal site - changes to spec

Lot of structural changes done to an under construction Drupal 7 site

Update the site http://www.natat.org

This was an existing static site and I converted the site to Drupal 7.
This site was done with some customizations in Danland theme

Drupal - Node hierarchy - sub module request

The client needed a custom module.. but I solved the problem without creating any module.

Update the site http://autocommunities.us

Conversion of a static site to Drupal 7 using danland theme

Quick edits to drupal site

The main thing in this project was to add a form to an images slider.


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